Our conclusion of topic for the magazine is to push the idea of unconventionalism, throughout the eyes of Japanese culture. Within the magazine, we will portray elements of fashion that do not prioritise the everyday wear and so we can completely break the boundaries of standard styling. Hopefully, the final product will highlight our experimentation within androgynous clothing, unusual objects and obtains an all over reach for the alternative. A main aim is to push acceptance onto our audience and for them to understand that our magazine is for anyone.  Therefore.. Blade Runner. The film explores the “future” with the use of dark backgrounds enhanced with vibrant lights and specifically, the styling. I don’t want to prioritise this as the main reference for the magazine, but it is certainly useful to relate the shoots, illustrations and even the imaging as a whole back to. There are a multitude of elements i could take from the film also; make up, filming and lighting just being a few.




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