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British Educational Research Association:Special Issue: Researching gender and sexuality – Questioning my use of creative methods: The dominance of the interview in a multiple case study project focusing on the lived experiences of four gender-diverse teachers in UK schools by Lis Bundock

See post for link to research.

Event : Brighton’s LGBTQ Spaces – Then, Now, Next – Monday 19 Feb 2024 14:30 – 16:00

No need to book. Just turn up. See the post for details.

Event: CTSG and School of Sport and Health Sciences (SHSS) 11/07/23 12 – 1.30pm We Have Just Begun: The Continued Work to Advance LGBTQIA+ Clinical Care and Cultural Competency – SSHS Visiting Research Fellow (Associate Prof) Markus P Bidell

School of Sport and Health Sciences (SHSS) Visiting Research Fellow (Associate Prof) Markus P Bidell  l will hold the following session for CTSG in partnership with SSHS. Even though public policies and opinions are rapidly changing, serious health and mental health… Continue Reading →

Event: University of Brighton 14/03/2023 3.30-5pm Conversation with CTSG Director Olu Jenzen & Nick Mirzoeff on his work: White Sight –  Visual Politics and Practices of Whiteness

Join us for a conversation with Nick Mirzoeff and Olu Jenzen about the recent publication of Nick Mirzoeff’s White Sight: The Visual Politics and Practices of Whiteness (Mirzoeff, 2023).

Event: British Association of Applied Linguistics, Language Gender and Sexuality Special Interest Group University of Brighton 02/05/23

We are delighted to announce that the Special Interest Group in Language, Gender and Sexuality of the BAAL is coming to Brighton on 2nd May 2023! With the help of CTSG, we will be welcoming scholars and their exciting research. This year’s topic is Dismantling the CIS-tem: queer and trans perspectives on language, gender, and sexuality.

Event CTSG University of Brighton 26/04/2023 3-5pm Proud Pink Sky Redfern Jon Barrett

Redfern Jon Barrett presents their work Proud Pink Sky breaks down the binary between utopia and dystopia—presenting an ambitopian vision of the world’s first gay state. A glittering metropolis of 24 million people, Berlin is a bustling world of pride parades, polyamorous trysts, and even an official gay language. Its distant radio broadcasts are a lifeline for teenagers William and Gareth, but is there a place for them in the deeply divided city? Meanwhile, young mother Cissie loves Berlin’s towering high rises and chaotic multiculturalism, yet she’s never left her heterosexual district—not until she discovers a walled-off slum of perpetual twilight, home to the city’s forbidden trans residents.

Challenging assumptions of sex and gender, Proud Pink Sky questions how much we must sacrifice to find identity and community.

Apply for the Centre of Transforming Sexuality and Gender and the Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics Activist-In-Residence Programme

This programme offers non-academic activists working around issues of gender and/or sexuality and disability a funded residency (1-2 months with flexibility) at the University of Brighton. The aim is to foster connections and intellectual and political exchange between academics and non-academic activists. Applicants don’t need any academic background or training, just a desire to develop and share activist knowledges around gender, sexuality and disability.

Event CTSG at Grand Parade or Zoom 13/03/23 3 to 5pm On the slang language of Polari – Lee Campbell

At this workshop participants will be invited to learn about Polari and its sociohistorical significance, engage in a creative writing exercise using Polari at its base, and develop skills in sharing your writing in an informal, non-judgemental way.

Event CTSG 24/02/2023 4-5.30 Global Queer and Feminist Visual Activism – Journal of Cultural Analysis and Social Change Special Issue – Launch

Join us to celebrate the launch of Global Queer and Feminist Visual Activism – A Special Issue of the Journal of Cultural Analysis and Social Change.

What is the role of visual culture and art in today’s global queer and feminist movements? Together with SEAS (Socially Engaged Art Salon) we invite you to an afternoon of sampling some of the content of this special issue which seeks to foreground queer and feminist visual activism from across the globe, with articles addressing work from South Africa, China, Brazil, Lebanon, Cote d’Ivoire, the UK, and the United States.

Event CTSG 13/02/2023 3:30pm For a Walking Tour Brighton’s LGBTQ Spaces – Then, Now, Next

Brighton has a long history of association with sex and sexualities, and from the mid 20th century it became known as ‘gay and lesbian’ (and now LGBTQ) hotspot. As more LGBTQ people came to the city they made use of existing spaces for socialising, sex, activism, and community-building – and started to create their own spaces too.

This 90 minute guided walk around central Brighton will introduce you to the oldest and the newest LGBTQ spaces in the city. You’ll visit sites of

early discreet gay bars,
‘cottages’ used for public sex,
women’s and lesbian activism,
clubbing and partying,
and remembering those lost to HIV/AIDS.

Along the way you’ll learn about the differences in Brighton’s LGBTQ spaces over the past century, recent changes in their use, and the real concerns over their future.

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