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British Educational Research Association:Special Issue: Researching gender and sexuality – Questioning my use of creative methods: The dominance of the interview in a multiple case study project focusing on the lived experiences of four gender-diverse teachers in UK schools by Lis Bundock

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Event : Brighton’s LGBTQ Spaces – Then, Now, Next – Monday 19 Feb 2024 14:30 – 16:00

No need to book. Just turn up. See the post for details.



To submit a proposal for an Organised Session (new extended deadline Feb 16th) or an Individual Paper (new extended deadline Mar 29th).

Feb 16th (sessions) or Mar 29th (presentations) 

At this conference, we’re interested in comfort – and discomfort. We want to take seriously the emotional and affective qualities of comfort and discomfort. We aim to explore their shifting meanings and practices, their spatial contexts and politics, and their use for and relationship to geographies of sexualities. 

Community Call for Lesbian Lives 2024 – University of Brighton UK 22-23 March 2024

There are several ways local organisations and community members can get involved.

We offer a discounted community rate ticket to enable folks who are not supported by an academic institution to attend, at 1/3 of the full price (the Early bird rate is £55 for a full 2-day ticket and £45 for a 1-day ticket).
We offer a limited number of stalls bookable by organisations and publishers. There is a fee of £200 for publishers and a discounted fee of £50 for community organisations for the 2-day conference. These are bookable via the registration site using the promotional code Exhibition stalls.
People can support the conference by making a donation, from £5.

Event: CTSG and CAW in partnership with The Ledward Centre – Celebrating Queer and Creative Methods  31/01/24 10am – 5pm

“…you can catch a shrimp in a certain finely laced fishing net; try to catch a whale in this same net, and one of two things happens: the net breaks, or the whale is shredded into small bits that lose its whole configuration. … If we insist everything must be like a shrimp to fit our net, then the bigger and deeper realities elude us.” (Swanson, 2008: 91) 

Apply for the Centre of Transforming Sexuality and Gender and the Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics Activist-In-Residence Programme

This programme offers non-academic activists working around issues of gender and/or sexuality and disability a funded residency (1-2 months with flexibility) at the University of Brighton. The aim is to foster connections and intellectual and political exchange between academics and non-academic activists. Applicants don’t need any academic background or training, just a desire to develop and share activist knowledges around gender, sexuality and disability.

Event CTSG 13/02/2023 3:30pm For a Walking Tour Brighton’s LGBTQ Spaces – Then, Now, Next

Brighton has a long history of association with sex and sexualities, and from the mid 20th century it became known as ‘gay and lesbian’ (and now LGBTQ) hotspot. As more LGBTQ people came to the city they made use of existing spaces for socialising, sex, activism, and community-building – and started to create their own spaces too.

This 90 minute guided walk around central Brighton will introduce you to the oldest and the newest LGBTQ spaces in the city. You’ll visit sites of

early discreet gay bars,
‘cottages’ used for public sex,
women’s and lesbian activism,
clubbing and partying,
and remembering those lost to HIV/AIDS.

Along the way you’ll learn about the differences in Brighton’s LGBTQ spaces over the past century, recent changes in their use, and the real concerns over their future.

New LGBT+ Inclusive Communication Guide for health and social care professionals

As CTSG Visiting Professor, Prof Katherine Johnson (RMIT) has in collaboration with King’s College London, and community partners LGBT HERO, Consortium, and LGBT Foundation, produced a new LGBT+ Inclusive Communication Guide for health and social care professionals. This ABC guide, centring the voices of LGBT+ service users, aims to support the delivery of inclusive care by offering practical guidance for professionals to enable them to communicate in a way that is inclusive of LGBT+ people.

Project CTSG University of Brighton and MindOut: Pathways between LGBTQ migration, social isolation & distress: Liberation, care and loneliness

The final report ‘Pathways between LGBTQ migration, social isolation and distress: Liberation, care and loneliness’  was published on 28th September 2022. THis can be accessed via this post along with a summary.

Event CORE TSG University of Brighton and MindOut 28/09/22 11.45-2.15 pm Pathways between LGBTQ migration, social isolation & distress: Liberation, care and loneliness

This research entitled ‘Pathways between LGBTQ migration, social isolation & distress: liberation, care and loneliness’ was a collaboration between academics at the University of Brighton’s Centre for Transforming Gender and Sexuality, and MindOut LGBTQ mental health charity. It involved in-depth interviews with MindOut service-users who had relocated to Brighton internationally and from within the UK.

The project aimed to understand how LGBTQ people’s migratory journeys and experiences of loneliness and isolation, as well as belonging, contributed to their mental health in Brighton. We used creative methods, like map-making and drawing, to help people capture their journeys and experiences.

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