This is an interactive session on the foundational concepts of asexuality. This seminar helps participants understand the nuances of Asexuality and how to include and integrate it within the larger LGBTQIA+ spectrum.    

Dr Pragati Singh is a health professional, researcher, social entrepreneur, and an internationally renowned sexual and reproductive health and rights changemaker. She is known for her unique initiatives in niche fields, such as Indian Aces: India’s first initiative working towards asexuality, PanACEa: Asexuality Asia Conference; Matchmaking for nonsexual alliances, Qrate: An ecosystem to improve healthcare access for women and LGBTQIA+ people in India, and more. She has been recognized globally with numerous awards and prizes, and was also featured in the BBC’s list of 100 most inspiring, innovative, and influential women from around the world in 2019. Her works have been published internationally and she is also working on her first book: Asexual Lives.