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Event: CTSG and CAW in partnership with The Ledward Centre – Celebrating Queer and Creative Methods  31/01/24 10am – 5pm

“…you can catch a shrimp in a certain finely laced fishing net; try to catch a whale in this same net, and one of two things happens: the net breaks, or the whale is shredded into small bits that lose its whole configuration. … If we insist everything must be like a shrimp to fit our net, then the bigger and deeper realities elude us.” (Swanson, 2008: 91) 

Event: CTSG and School of Sport and Health Sciences (SHSS) 11/07/23 12 – 1.30pm We Have Just Begun: The Continued Work to Advance LGBTQIA+ Clinical Care and Cultural Competency – SSHS Visiting Research Fellow (Associate Prof) Markus P Bidell

School of Sport and Health Sciences (SHSS) Visiting Research Fellow (Associate Prof) Markus P Bidell  l will hold the following session for CTSG in partnership with SSHS. Even though public policies and opinions are rapidly changing, serious health and mental health… Continue Reading →

Event: CTSG and School of Sport and Health Sciences (SHSS) 19/07/23 10:30-12pm Is Hope Just Around the Corner? Using Psychedelic Medicines to Treat LGBTQIA+ Trauma – SSHS Visiting Research Fellow (Associate Prof) Markus P Bidell

It is now well accepted that LGBTQIA+ individuals are at considerable risk of experiencing many forms of trauma that can profoundly impact physical and mental health. This lecture outlines an LGBTQIA+ minority stress model and how discrimination and prejudice can leave LGBTQIA+ individuals particularly vulnerable to the impact of trauma. Psychedelic medicines are perhaps the most dynamic and hopeful treatments to emerge within the last decade regarding their ability to effectively treat trauma and the resulting complications. Dr. Bidell will connect his personal and professional knowledge when exploring the hope and promise of psychedelic treatments for the queer community.

Event: University of Brighton 14/03/2023 3.30-5pm Conversation with CTSG Director Olu Jenzen & Nick Mirzoeff on his work: White Sight –  Visual Politics and Practices of Whiteness

Join us for a conversation with Nick Mirzoeff and Olu Jenzen about the recent publication of Nick Mirzoeff’s White Sight: The Visual Politics and Practices of Whiteness (Mirzoeff, 2023).

Event: CTSG & CDCI 22/05/23 7PM No Pride in Detention: LGBTQI+ Experiences Centre of Immigration Detention. To be held at Brighton’s Ledward Centre

LGBTQI+ people come to the UK fleeing persecution. But instead of finding safety here, some are locked up in detention centres where they face LGBTQI-phobic bullying, harassment and abuse.

Join us at the Ledward Centre in Brighton for a short film screening from Rainbow Migration

Event: CTSG 19/06/23 1-2.30pm Queer grief and LGBTQIA+ breakups: A conversation


Event: CTSG University of Brighton & University of Sussex’s Centre for Sexual Dissidence 26/05/23 3pm Working Class Queers Book launch and conversation with Prof Yvette Taylor Grand Parade  City Campus

Join us for a conversation and Q&A with Professor Yvette Taylor (University of Strathclyde), author of Working-Class Queers: Time, Place and Politics (Pluto press 2023) about topics of queer life and social class in contemporary Britain.

Yvette Taylor is Professor of Education at the University of Strathclyde. She has worked with the Scottish Government researching LGBTQ+ lives in the pandemic, and with Scottish Ballet on Safe to be Me, exploring inclusive curriculum in schools. She is the author and co-editor of numerous books on queer life and class inequality, recently including Queer Precarities in and out of Higher Education, and The Handbook of Imposter Syndrome.

Event: CTSG University of Brighton Grand Parade 13/06/23 3-5pm “It’s not a sex thing at all”: Social media, content moderation and marketing trans-specific products online – Tate McAllister

Online spaces have been crucial to the formation of trans identities and communities. Yet as Oliver Hamison et al. (2021) describe, for as long as trans communities have been online, trans content has been subject to restriction and censorship for its proximity to ‘adult’ material. This can create difficulty in sharing transition related educational or medical information on social media, and tensions over who should have access to it and what aspects, if any, of this information should be restricted or hidden from young people.

Event: CTSG University of Brighton, Falmer 18/05/23 3-4pm LGBTIQ+ Mental Health: Exchanging Knowledges, Forging Bridges – Tomás Ojeda

Our Post Doctoral Fellow Tomás Ojeda presents his current postdoctoral reserach considering:

What are the main challenges that mental health professionals face when working with LGBTIQ+ people?
What does it mean for them to work with a depathologising and affirmative approach?
What socio-political, cultural, economic and institutional contexts must be considered when thinking about this work?

Event: British Association of Applied Linguistics, Language Gender and Sexuality Special Interest Group University of Brighton 02/05/23

We are delighted to announce that the Special Interest Group in Language, Gender and Sexuality of the BAAL is coming to Brighton on 2nd May 2023! With the help of CTSG, we will be welcoming scholars and their exciting research. This year’s topic is Dismantling the CIS-tem: queer and trans perspectives on language, gender, and sexuality.

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