2022-2023 Tomas Ojeda Guemes 

I am an ESRC Postdoctoral Researcher at the School of Humanities and Social Science. My research interests lie in the intersection of queer theory, psychosocial studies, sexual dissident critique, anti-gender politics and LGBTIQ+ mental health.

My project further develops the findings of my doctoral research, which critically interrogated the narratives and discourses produced about and, sometimes, against ‘diversity’, the work they do and the knowing practices they enable, particularly those articulated by mental health professionals working with LGBTIQ+ people. During the fellowship year I will explore what a non-pathologising, affirmative and culturally competent approach to mental health means and does for LGBTIQ+ diversity workers. To answer this, I will run two collaborative knowledge exchange workshops with mental health practitioners working with LGBTIQ+ people in Chile and the UK, aiming to develop policy recommendations and practice, which will feed into a co-produced report.

2019-2020 Lucie Fremlova

Dr Lucie Fremlova is an independent researcher who works at the interface between academia, social movements and policy. Her close-up, transdisciplinary, innovative research focuses on ethnic, ‘racial’, sexual and gender identities, particularly in relation to the lived experiences of queer Roma. She is the author of ‘Queer Roma‘ (Routledge 2021) and her article ‘LGBTIQ Roma and queer intersectionalities: the lived experiences of LGBTIQ Roma’ won the the European Journal of Politics and Gender 2021 Best Article Award and the Council for European Studies Gender and Sexuality Research Network 2019 Best Article Award. In 2019, mentored by Dr Annabel Tremlett (University of Portsmouth) and Dr Olu Jenzen as part of the South Coast Doctoral Training Partnership, Lucie implemented an ESRC-funded postdoctoral project called ‘Challenging dominant representations of LGBTIQ Roma in public spaces through queer-research informed interventions‘. Her article  ‘Challenging misrepresentations of Roma through queer Romani self-representations’ is due to come out in the Journal of Cultural Analysis and Social Change in December 2022.

2019-2020 Anna Kavoura 

Postdoctoral Fellow Anna Kavoura

Anna Kavoura is a postdoctoral researcher at the School of Sport and Service Management at the University of Brighton. Her current research project, funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, draws on strategies from Participatory Action Research (PAR) and multi-sited ethnography to gather data from trans-inclusive sport contexts in Finland and the UK. The aim is to identify approaches and processes that contribute towards more inclusive and ethical sport cultures. Dr Kavoura is interested in issues related to gender, sexuality, culture, and identity in sport, feminist poststructuralist and queer theoretical perspectives, cultural sport psychology and martial art studies.