Åsa Johannesson’s latest publication is Queer Methodology for Photography  (Routledge). This is a Photography Research Group event but of interest to the CTSG.

Asa will in conversation with Dr Fran Young will be in conversation  about her latest research monograph on artistic strategies in queer photography, Queer Methodology for Photography (Routledge).

There will be refreshments and there will be copies of the book available to buy with a complimentary photographic print.

About the book:

With her book Queer Methodology for Photography the artist Åsa Johannesson explores new approaches to making, thinking, and writing about queer photography by intersecting practice with theory. This book presents different conceptual perspectives on queer photography, including representation, formalism, and mediumlessness and centers around 27 photographs produced by LGBTQ+ artists. In contrast to most existing literature which typically have foregrounded questions of identity, queer photography is in this book addressed by also considering artistic strategies to image making. With her book, Åsa proposes a new concept of the photographic image that addresses its materiality, in the form of the poetic and the political, in relationship to a generative principle that is named as a queer quality: the photograph’s ability to voice queer concerns also beyond its role as representation. The reader is invited on a journey that is both photographic and queer, amongst pixels and grains, double exposures, 3D sculpture, and Polaroid emulsions. While primarily addressing photography, this book is entwined with broader philosophical questions concerning identity, difference, and the creations of systems of thought that limit the possibilities of existence to binary categorisation. A research monograph, Queer Methodology for Photography is written for artists, scholars, and students with interest in queer visual arts, queer theory, philosophy, and new materialism.

The book will be available for purchase at the event of the 9th March with a complimentary limited edition print by Åsa Johannesson.

Posted on behalf of Åsa Johannesson Senior Lecturer in Photography