Catherine Meads 

Visiting Research Fellow

Catherine Meads is a Professor of Health at Anglia Ruskin University and a senior systematic reviewer. She has published numerous systematic reviews and health technology assessments, including music for recuperation after surgery, therapeutic writing in long-term conditions, and interventions to promote wellbeing. Previously, Catherine was Research Leader at RAND Europe in Cambridge, Reader in Health Technology Assessment at Brunel University, Senior Lecturer at Bart’s and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, and at the University of Birmingham. She has been conducting research into lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) health since 1992 and has published a number of papers. Recently she completed a best-evidence review for Public Health England on health and healthcare experiences of UK sexual minority women. She has also delivered numerous public lectures, spoken at All Party Parliamentary Committees, taught undergraduate medical and nursing students, helped develop an elearning package for GPs and has been on several LGBT conference steering committees. She is currently a member of the UK Government Equalities Office LGBT Advisory Panel.

C. Serena Santonocito 

Visiting Research Fellow

Serena is a visiting research fellow at the CTGS. She is currently conducting comparative institutional discourse analysis research onto the issue of same-sex unions and its development in the much discussed institution of marriage (in the UK) and civil unions (in Italy). Within the many branches offered by linguistic research, she uses a critical and queer perspective which she supplements with corpus-based methods. Her research, focusing on the creation of same-sex unions’ discursive identity, fosters for greater linguistic inclusivity while elaborating on how institutionalized language-use shapes collective understandings of sexuality and gender.

Sebastian Collado 

Visiting Research Fellow

Artist and researcher. Sebastian studied theatre at the Chilean Catholic University and dance with various teachers both in Chile and abroad. During the last 10 years, he developed his career as a dancer and performer in countries such as Germany, Italy, Norway and Austria. In addition, in these countries, he worked as a choreographer and teacher in various educational institutions. Since 2015, Sebastian has specialized in psychosocial intervention through art, highlighting his project “Tutopia” which was financed by the German Ministry of Education (Kultur macht stark) for two years. This project is currently being carried out in Chile with the support of the Chilean Ministry of Culture and the Arts. As a researcher, Sebastián studied for a Master’s degree in Gender, Culture and Social Change at the University of Innsbruck (Austria) and currently, with the support of Chilean Ministery of Science, he is doing a PhD in psychology at the Alberto Hurtado University, where he specializes in the study of the creation of non-heterosexual sexual identities in the context of homophobic violence from a linguistic and performative/artistic perspective.




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