Deadline has now ended for applications.

For 2024/2025 academic year  the scheme will be reopened in early 2025.

For information  our International Visiting Research Fellow Scheme, enables international scholars to spend time at the Centre, in Brighton, UK to pursue their research within the themes of the CTSG and form collaborations with CTSG staff members. In spring 2024 we offered one supported fellowship of up to £1000 to cover travel, accommodation and fellowship-related research costs (and £2000 for a scholar from the Global South). 

CTSG is a research centre for gender and sexuality research with a strong national and international reputation for interdisciplinary, community-focused and impactful research and innovation in research methodology. Take a look at our research projects for more information. 

Researchers associated with the Centre engage in interdisciplinary and cross-campus collaborations including work within the Brighton and Sussex Medical School, School of Applied Social Science, School of Media, School of Humanities and other disciplines such as Human Geography and Sports Science. 

Please see our website for an overview of members’ research profiles. We have a vibrant research community where both researchers and PhD students benefit from a rich programme of research seminars, workshops, invited international speakers and guest speakers from NGOs or the creative arts, to mention a few. The Centre has growing research grant attainment and enduring partnerships with community organisations and universities in the UK and internationally. 

 The aims of the scheme are to: 

  • offer opportunities for external researchers to work collaboratively with CTSG staff  
  • provide a stimulating intellectual environment for advancing collaborative bid development or co-authoring with staff, which is particularly encouraged  
  • provide external researchers with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the research culture of the Centre for Transforming Sexuality and Gender 
  • foster international networks within gender and sexualities research 
  • give visiting researchers a platform for presenting their current or emerging work. 

 We encourage researchers working in the following areas to apply: 

  • digital sexualities 
  • sex, sexuality and health 
  • LGBTQ+ lives 
  • gender and sexuality activism 
  • gender and citizen equality 

 Many CTSG researchers draw on creative methodologies and we are also interested in engaging with researchers exploring innovation in research methodologies within gender and sexuality research. We have an interest in working collaboratively with various organisations and communities and in the exchange between academic research and activism. 

Visiting Fellows will make excellent contributions to their fields and will join the vibrant research community in the Centre for Transforming Sexuality and Gender and contribute to it. You can read about the work of current and previous Visiting Fellows here. 

Travel, accommodation and fellowship-related research costs up to £1000 (£2000 for VRF from an institution in the Global South) are part of the Fellowship, but no salary or stipend is paid. This includes the Centre covering the £200 administrative fee (ie £1000 + £200). Fellowships are usually expected to last between two weeks and two months. We can also accommodate a small number of self-funded vising fellows for the academic year. Feel free to contact us to discuss if you are considering this option. 

Visiting fellows will have access to: 

  • a University of Brighton campus card, which enables access to University facilities 
  • access to Information Services (including libraries) and to computer, printing and copying facilities 
  • access to UoB specialised licensed software if appropriate 
  • a University of Brighton email address 
  • contact with your sponsor, who will be a member of the academic staff 
  • attendance at general seminars and open lectures 
  • potential to host a seminar within the University and present research findings to staff and students before the visit ends. 

 Applicants should ensure that they address the following criteria in their application: 

  • ambition to immerse themselves and contribute to the CTSG research culture 
  • include a proposed talk or workshop to be delivered during their stay/time with the CTSG 
  • articulate the fit between their project and the CTSG themes 
  • contribute towards the centre’s aim to foster international networks 

Potential applicants are welcome to contact the centre to informally discuss their application. Any enquiries should be directed to 

We value the contribution our Visiting Research Fellows make to the University’s research community, and many are linked to our Centres of Research and Knowledge Exchange Excellence (COREs). Individuals wishing to undertake research in collaboration with staff within the University, which is aligned to that already undertaken within the University, are welcome to apply for a Visiting Research Fellowship. When you have identified an academic at the University of Brighton who is willing to be your sponsor and agrees to support your application, your sponsor will provide your application forms and guidance documents and they will be your point of contact for completing them in full.

 VRF applicants are advised to refer to the UKVI website to check whether they will need a visa or not. You can access the link here: