School of Sport and Health Sciences (SHSS) Visiting Research Fellow (Associate Prof) Markus P Bidell  l will hold the following session for CTSG in partnership with SSHS.

Even though public policies and opinions are rapidly changing, serious health and mental health disparities remain for most LGBTQIA+ individuals around the globe. These disparities exist within a historical context that has castigated LGBTQIA+ people as immoral, aberrant, disordered, and deviant. Weaving the past with the present, this lecture explores the roots of LGBTQIA+ health disparities while examining the burgeoning (and still radical) movement within healthcare regarding LGBTQIA+ cultural competency. Dr. Bidell will connect his personal and profession journey regarding the evolution of LGBTQIA+ competency research and assessment.

In person at Falmer Campus, in Room 404, Checkland Building. Please register via 

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