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Woman on balcony in Malta on a photoshoot

What it’s like as a marketing intern on placement in Malta

Amy studies on our Marketing Management BSc(Hons) degree. She completed a nine-month placement year at the Marriott Hotel and Spa in Malta as a Marketing and Sales Intern.

We caught up with Amy to get the low-down on her placement year.

Amy with colleagues at the Marriott Hotel and Spa in Malta

Amy with colleagues at the Marriott Hotel and Spa in Malta

What was your placement like?

My placement was such a fantastic opportunity to do work experience. As it was in Malta, I had the amazing opportunity to work with people of different cultures.

I really liked my placement; I think it’s a wonderful way to already have experience under your belt before you have even left university yet.

Working in a hotel was interesting, as there is always something to do. Especially a brand like Marriott, as a good brand ethos and there were always opportunities to do Marriott training and courses.

What were your responsibilities on your placement?

During my placement I oversaw Marriott’s social media including posts, stories, reviews, their Google and Facebook analytics, their messaging portals, and I also oversaw a lot of photoshoots and taking content for the hotel.

Woman on balcony in Malta on a photoshoot

Photoshoot at the Marriott Hotel and Spa in Malta

How did your course prepare you for a placement year?

There was help from the university’s placement team, who help regarding CVs and cover letters, even in the interviewing process.

Tell me about your greatest achievement while you were on placement.

I think my greatest achievement would be that after two months of me working with me, they had confidence in my social media posts. I could post whatever I wanted and them not checking, as they trusted I understood the brand’s ethos. 

What did you like the most about your placement year?

I was the only employee within the marketing team, other than my manager – the Director of Sales and Marketing. Because of this, I had a lot to do with their social media, and got given a lot of jobs by myself.

Marriott Hotel and Spa team

Amy with her team at the Marriott Hotel and Spa, Malta

What would you say to another student who’s considering doing a placement?

I would say just do it. It gives you great working experience before you have even finished your degree, therefore giving you more opportunities after you have left university.  Even if during your placement, you realise that this is something you don’t want to do, then it’s still great because at least now you know, can focus on something else and you still have that work experience on your CV.

In your final year, you can also choose your modules. After placement it is great because then you can focus your modules on what you want to focus on after university.

They also might want to keep you within the company and give you a job, even after you have completed your placement. It’s also a great reference to have.

Tell me about any job plans you might have lined up for once you finish your course.  

I have been given the opportunity to go back to Marriott, which I am considering. However, as it is in Malta it makes it a bit difficult.

How do you think your placement year will help you in finding a job after uni? 

I think it will help massively. I worked with a brand like Marriott, which is an extremely well-known brand and is good on my CV. Working in the marketing department will help as this is the area I want to go into.

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Zoe Cassell • May 28, 2023

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