What is the true cost of a premium brand shop? Wellbeing Week challenge

As part of Wellbeing Week, the Student Advice Service is setting our students a challenge.

Can you really taste the difference in everyday store cupboard favourites? And if you can, do you know what the true price difference is?

We often get sucked in to eye level shopping in the supermarket, picking out familiar brands and relying on the local ‘convenience’ store, but this comes at a cost.

We have 2 baskets of shopping (as pictured) of pretty much the same products in terms of weight and description and we want you to tell us what the price difference is. One is full of premium brands and the other is a basket of replica items from a range of stores.

Guess the correct price difference and you could win 1 mixed branded/unbranded bag of shopping – all correct entries will be placed in a hat and 2 winners will be pulled.

Contents comprise:

tomato puree

baked beans

kidney Beans

chopped tomatoes

1kg Basmati rice

10/12 vegetable stock cubes

160 tea bags

mixed herbs

6 pack ridged crips

750 ml mayonnaise (made with free range eggs)

460g ketchup

500g whole wheat spaghetti

1kg porridge oats compared to 1 pot Oats So Simple

Answers by email to h.l.abrahams@brighton.ac.uk by Monday 25th November 8pm or come and find us outside Aldrich library, Moulsecoomb or the gallery, main Grand Parade Building, City Campus, tomorrow, Thursday 21st November, between 12 – 2pm

We will notify the winner and reveal the answers on Tuesday 26th November.



Helen is the Student Advice Service Manager within Student Services and is based in Tithe Barn on the Moulsecoomb campus

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