This example is an editorial taken from W magazine, really depicting the standard and obvious styles from the 1960s. The prints are wild and loud, somehow clashing with one another but acceptably matching at the same time which is definitely something i want my styling to focus around to recreate the pattern balance in the original painting. I feel that this style really gives off a typical english look and this could be fun to play around with to blend together Italian culture and my interpretation of the painting – being English myself. The actual colour scheme within the editorial is kept the same regardless of the pattern balance or clash, linking to the Birth of Venus as the patterns are different surrounding the ‘Hora of Spring’ figure but overlay various block pastel colours. The fourth picture additionally showcases typical 60’s swimwear with a subtle floral pattern, so going forward i need to start looking into swimwear that will be used for my shoot with possible overlayers or accessories to allow the style to become less of a basic swimwear ad and more conceptual or even just more unique to my styling technique.

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