Continuing to look into this form of film photography and photographic examples that could inspire me, Michal Pudelka’s editorial Numero became another priority. The styling and direction is obviously irrelevant, but the use of excessive models in a continuous form i felt linked to my idea and the previous example of Paloma Spain’s work. It has given me ideas on how i can use a layout for my models to make sure the composition shows the feature of styling, along with the period of the 60’s and then the link to the renaissance painting, being mainly Venus herself. I think that making story boards for the shoot could be most effective in making sure i develop this properly and so i can imagine how the layers within the photography will be. Not only this, but i can additionally play around with the positioning of the models and focus them on fulfilling a ‘Venus’ inspired role.


The merky and possible downtrodden background of which the editorial has been shot in somewhat reminds me of the Birth of Venus as it isn’t an entirely ‘sunny’ painting nor when you discover the meaning behind it too. Maybe quite a foggy backdrop – outside obviously – could work best in projecting the painting’s backdrop more into my modernised idea. This will also help highlight the soft colour palette that i want to be of a main focus, alongside the patterns that need to be prioritised through the styling.

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