Before i further develop any research into this topic, it is best for me to state what painting i have chosen next to conceptualise and recreate in certain aspects. Boy Blowing Soap Bubbles is not only beautiful with its soft colour palette and clever use of colour balance, but it has a really interested meaning behind it which i feel could look amazing if done correctly. Allegory is the aimed meaning behind the painting, but if you wasn’t to look into the history, you would automatically assume it is just a happy boy floating on a perfectly drawn shell. It is made to represent transitoriness and human’s fragility; that our belief of what is around us is intangible and soon it will be gone. There are many¬† aspects of the painting of which is made to look “pretty” – the shell, the clouds, the waves – however these are all important factors showing how oblivious the boy is to his surroundings. The bubble he is standing on could pop at any moment therefore meaning he would fall into the sea. This isn’t so beautiful! There is also a lot of use of symbolism in the painting which is something i will further into – what do pearls or paintbrushes mean in the renaissance centuries?

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