My dissertation helped me become a project engineer with global company

My name is Alice Grimwood, a BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering graduate from the university of Brighton. I graduated in 2022 and worked in the STEP Lab (Sustainable Technology and Engineering Projects) for my Final Year Dissertation and over the summer period. The focus of my dissertation was the Nano-fluids test-bed where I continued the build, and test improvements in thermal systems.

My experience in the Lab proved hugely beneficial once I started interviewing for jobs, as it showed I was able to take ownership of a project and apply both practical and theoretical knowledge to achieve my results. Since graduating, I have been working with Boustead International Heaters, a globally renowned designer and supplier. I am currently a Projects Engineer, on the build of a plastic recycling plant.

In my interview, I discussed my time in the STEP Lab which proved relevant as, one of the common projects we work on is waste heat recovery units for use in exothermic industrial systems. My interviewer stated my relevant experience within the STEP Lab gave me an edge over other candidates and ultimately had an influence in me securing the role.

I have been fully enjoying my career thus far expanding my knowledge in areas I find interesting with the flexibility to move in directions I enjoy. One of my favourite aspects of my job is that I have the opportunity to travel, I recently visited a fabricator shop in Poland and got to see how the work I’d done in the office came to fruition in practice. We take on plenty of challenging and exciting projects from all over the world and I am very grateful I have the chance to be involved with them. In the next few years I aim to stay within my current field and take all the opportunities for growth and travel I’m presented with.

I feel the STEP Lab was an invaluable resource I used during my time at Brighton, I gained experience of working within a multidisciplinary environment so not only did I acquire knowledge and understanding of my own project but also gained an understanding of the overall objectives of the Lab and other projects. The multidisciplinary aspect of the lab also created the opportunity to expand my social circle and meet other students who I wouldn’t normally get a chance to interact with. Angad created a brilliant culture within the Lab by arranging regular social events where students could get together and discuss our projects or take a break from work and just have fun.

I would recommend the STEP Lab to any student who’s looking to work on something new and exciting, be part of a fun educational community and develop real world skills.

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