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Construction Site Manager part of award-winning team with a love for Brighton

Meet Prayaag Pandya, a Construction Management graduate whose professional journey is rooted in his education at the University of Brighton.

The Brighton Effect is all about the foundations that your time at the university provides you with and how you carry this into your professional career, putting your own individual stamp on the journey.

Prayaag epitomises both this sentiment and the graduate attribute of a resilient self-advocate with both his project management and leadership skills, and his desire to seek out career development opportunities such as obtaining chartered status with professional bodies.

We caught up with him to find out more about his time at Brighton, some of the award-winning teams he has been part of and how he applies things he learnt at university to provide a theoretical basis to tackle real-world work scenarios including in his role now at Galliford Try.

Positive educational experience at the University of Brighton

“Attending Brighton was the single best thing I have undertaken professionally, the quality of teaching staff for my degree was sublime. The assistance I received ensured I entered the corporate world with a positive and proactive attitude, this has ensured continued growth and success within my career.

I attended the University of Brighton from 2012 to 2017 and now I’ve lived in the city for a decade, and since graduating I purchased a flat in Hove. My experiences in Brighton have overwhelmingly been positive, I have formed lifelong friendships and have been exposed to an array of eclectic and colourful characters.

In short, Brighton has provided me with a lifetime of beautiful memories and eternal joy.”

Putting theoretical ideas into practice

“The quality of the teaching during my time at the University of Brighton was sublime; their diligent and carefully curated approach to construction management principles significantly aided my theoretical knowledge on a day-to-day basis.

Being exposed and placed in real-world scenarios in a pressurised environment allows you to put this to test. This is what really hones your leadership techniques, project management and problem-solving skills.”

Proud moments in my career

“I have won national awards for a healthcare project I was part of. It was for the Considerate Constructors Scheme and the project was at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Kemptown, Brighton. It involved the refurbishment of wards and the upgrade of the entire fire alarm system to one of the hospital buildings, and further works included the upgrade of a plant room.

This was awarded in 2018. I started off as a graduate and eventually was promoted to an Assistant Site Manager where I was assigned the Fire Alarm upgrade project. We also achieved the Gold Safety Award for this project.

I am also fully chartered with the Chartered Institute of Building and I have recently commenced on a management training programme with the Chartered Management Institute to attain chartered status with that body as well.

I consider myself to be a future leader and derive great pleasure in being part of high-performing teams to achieve enduring project success”

Defining success

“Success comes in many different forms for me; I pride myself on pushing myself to my absolute limits within my career. I have achieved chartered status under the age of 30, that is success. I have won awards, both internal and external, that is success. Success is knowing that I have helped to oversee the construction of facility which will positively impact the local community.

Success is seeing my family and friends achieve their goals and ambitions. Success to me can be summarised as achieving the goals I set for myself both personally and professionally whilst never deviating from my values and moral compass.”

Advice for current students

“Never give up; always keep pushing especially on those days where you feel mentally exhausted. Never fear asking for help.

Finally, be proud of who you are and what you have achieved in your life.”

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