Things to Know

Things You Need to Know About the STEP Lab

Want to be involved with the STEP Lab? Contact Dr. Angad Panesar or visit us in the Heavy Engineering Building (E19A).

Welcome to the STEP Lab (Autumn 2023)

STEP Lab Project Posters at Entrance (Autumn 2023)

#1 STEP Lab (Sustainable Technology & Engineering Projects) was founded in 2020, for application of knowledge to problem-solve energy challenges by Angad and a group of motivated students.

STEP Lab Experimentation Room (Autumn 2023)

STEP Lab and its 4 Themes of Works (Autumn 2023)

# 2 Open to all engineering students, STEP Lab offers a multi-disciplinary, real-world, project-based, research and development environment; in a Tutor-Student partnership, by offering practical engineering experience.

STEP Lab Control Room (Autumn 2023)

STEP Lab Weekly Project Meetings (Summer 2023)

#3 Various rooms in the Heavy Engineering Building have been transformed into fully functional Control and Experimentation facilities of the Lab, utilising numerous industry standard hardware’s and software’s.

STEP Lab Control Room Being Inspected by Our Four-Legged Friend (Spring 2023)

STEP Lab Task List (Summer 2023)

#4 STEP Lab offers, enhanced industrial skills and professional practice, to address the gap in the sectors; tailored mentoring, shadowing and placement opportunities.

STEP Lab Rules Official and Unofficial (Summer 2023)

Founding STEP Lab Experimentation Team (Summer 2021)

# 5 Over 50 engineering students have already completed or are currently engaged in bachelors, masters, industrial, internship, placement and PhD projects.

STEP Lab PhD, Project, Placement and Shadowing Team (Spring 2023)

STEP Lab Placement and Shadowing Team (Summer 2022)

# 6 A driven student community  is the essence of the STEP Lab. Hundreds of hours of invaluable instructional videos have been created on use of software’s, hardware’s and laboratory practice; now this shared vast knowledge bank of presentations, posters and reports is contributing to higher student achievement.

STEP Lab Placement and Shadowing Team (Summer 2022) Again

STEP Lab Placement and Shadowing Team (Summer 2021)

# 7 STEP Lab training sessions are held on how to take ownership of learning, be resourceful and work-ready engineers. Using existing contacts and developing contacts, STEP Lab has secured hardware and software, discounts and in-kind contributions, in tens of thousands of pounds.

STEP Lab Project Students (Spring 2022)

STEP Lab Masters Presentation Day (Spring 2022)

#8 The formation of a professional engineer at the STEP Lab is summarised as a process that involves education, training and experience. Grassroots initiatives such as these, which make students the key stakeholder in a real learning environment, acknowledges the collective effort and partnership with students, is our ‘Tried, Tested and Proven Method’.

STEP Lab Project Presentation Day (Spring 2022)

STEP Lab Masters and Bachelors Graduates (Summer 2022)

# 9 Vast contributions have been made in materialising the STEP Lab vision of: addressing energy challenges, problem-solving, interdisciplinarity, professional practice, industrial skills and knowledge, student ownership, mentoring, shadowing and paid opportunities, support for minority backgrounds, female students etc. All of these are fully engaged strands of the Lab, bringing excellence in the student experience.

STEP Lab Graduate and Placement Students at EV Rally (Summer 2022)

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