Be back later

The sun beamed down
Upon my face
As I imagined myself
Back in the Lanes

The courtyard cutting
Through my daze
For days
I wandered

To the stationery store
Mint green outside
Gold inside the door
Ready to write

Scribbled notes held tight
This is the place I want
To be my home
The place I want to die

I thought I’d never come back

Bitter orange

Your sourness
Penetrates the skin
We sit in polite silence
As I think about
Years ahead

Preserving the past
We have to cover you in sugar
Otherwise I have
An acidic taste in my mouth
We wait

Liqueur licking eyelids
I am out of spoons (sweets)
My juicy fury concentrates
On your aftermath

My smile strained
By your refreshing existance
Both stimulating and vicious
I wish you would vanish


Qualifications and Training
Essential Desirable
First degree with good honours i.e. 2.1 or 1st.
Application form, certificates.
Master’s degree or equivalent in related subject e.g. Psychology, Nursing, Public Health, Allied Health and be familiar with different Research Methods.
Application form, certificates.
PhD/EdD or working towards a doctorate.
Application form, certificates, interview.

Experience and Knowledge
Essential Desirable
Possess sufficient breadth / depth of research expertise to support research activity at all stages.
Application form, interview.
Knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methods.
Application form, interview.
Experience of conducting systematic literature review.
Application form, interview.
Experience of using research methods and techniques in community contexts.
Application form, interview.
Experience of working in a health/social care or academic environment.
Application form, interview.
Experience of working in arts contexts and environments.
Application form, interview.
Experience of undertaking research in arts and/or health/social care environments.
Application form, interview.
Evidence of contribution to writing peer-reviewed journal publications or project reports.
Application form, interview.
Experience of completing funded practice development research projects to publication and dissemination.
Application form, interview.
Experience of making presentations and writing for different audiences.
Application form, interview.
Ability to work in a sensitive and appropriately professional manner.
An understanding and appreciation of different funding bodies of interest.
Knowledge and understanding of how to prepare a research bid.
Experience of using social networking and IT to collaborate with experts at national and international level.

Skills and Attributes
Essential Desirable
Previous experience working with community stakeholders including those receiving public services.
Ability to work well in different contexts and settings and with people at different levels in organisations.
Appreciation of the ethics associated with participatory research and development.
Experience of working with excel, social networking, web page design.
Experience of NVivo, SPSS, systematic review software.
Attention to detail.
Team working skills.

Essential Desirable
Ability to work both independently as well as collaboratively as part of a team.
Ability to give and receive feedback.
Critically reflect on own performance.
Communicate effectively in written and oral form.
Flexibility to work to meet project deadlines.