I’ll be returning to Brighton in less than a month. I have six more workshops and then I’ll have a PGDip. I’m a little gutted that I won’t be leaving with a MA but I don’t have the energy to think about further academia.

Saying that, I went to an open evening at my new workplace and a colleague mentioned PhD by Publication so… you never know…

In my third week at the Graduate College I was asked what my future plans are. I was at a loss for words. I am so used to having goals but I have none. My supervisor has liked my work so my contract has been extended for a quarter. It felt good, especially as I was worried at my data processing speed.

I’ve been shortlisted for a couple more jobs. One I had to decline as it clashed with my university and college courses (why am I doing three at once!?) But the other is a funded by Office for Students.

Old Year

It’s my birthday, and it has taken me what feels like a long time to write this blog post. The main reason is that this will push Dad off the front page of my blog. Of course I can do things to change that; pin posts, delete posts, edit the layout… blah blah blah. However, I want to stick to my current style for the time being.

This month I started back at the Graduate College and it has been a great experience. Not without challenges, though. My biggest concern in the first few weeks was my data processing speed. It was so much slower than I predicted. I was given a task to do and I genuinely thought it would take three days. but at the rate I am going it’ll be three weeks.

I knew I’d be rusty. But I did not expect to be beating myself up over my performance. Especially as my progress was not as fast as I hoped it would be. I predicted a 10% increase in speed everyday as I became more familiar with the database. But I am struggling to focus and/or retain information.

One of the better sides of my new job is that I think it’ll get me more acquainted with the different elements of being a research student. So who knows what the future will hold?

Name Day

It’s St Nicholas Day (well, a St Nicholas Day) and I’m about to hop on to a train to spend a week in Yorkshire visiting family. Then I’m going to Dorset.

After that I’m returning to Kent and – to celebrate – I bought myself new bedding from Skinnydip.

Following that I have a job interview in the Graduate College, and I’ve picked up some freelance writing too.

I’m still not feeling 100% but I feel positive (which, honestly, is good enough for me).

Not going back

I reapplied for the job role I left in May ’19 last weekend, and was not shortlisted. I was surprised because I felt I met the criteria but then I remembered my exit interview and my experience in another job interview in January ’20. I figured I had burnt my bridges.

Weirdly I was thinking of this role yesterday when my father’s friend was talking about the past. He mentioned that sometimes people go back to places they knew before, but they are drawn to a memory – and the reality is different. Places change. And people too. I am glad I spoke to my father’s friend as I don’t think I would’ve coped with the rejection otherwise.

Instead I redyed my hair, did some more decorating, ran some errands, and got invited to another job interview in an even better place (unexpectedly!).