Every Sunday until September I’ll be pulling a (virtual) card from the Universe Has Your Back deck and reflecting on it.

I am the loving energy of the universe.

In retrospect, my Sunday affirmation posts have been a good idea. Looking back at my blog I have seen a year of anxiety (then I gave up trawling as it was a bit of a downer). And my way to cope with anxiety is to make plans for the future, which is difficult to do at the moment. In fact, a lot of things are difficult at the moment – and that’s hard to talk about because everyone’s having a tough time. In comparison I’m lucky, I’m not too vulnerable and I am secure so I don’t have a reason to complain.

My good news is that I am returning to Brighton next year to study! I might be returning in autumn depending on which optional module I take. This is my only long-term plan at the moment. I am excited, but I have to keep myself in check.


Every Sunday until September I’ll be pulling a (virtual) card from the Universe Has Your Back deck and reflecting on it.

Oneness is my true nature.

I’ve been in self-isolation for most of this week. I went into work on Monday morning (my normal day off) for a meeting and then put up some flyers in the nearby university buildings to promote a research project. By noon I started feeling really unwell and got the bus home. Later on that day we found out my partner’s uncle died and as we are in self-isolation we feel like we can’t be particularly useful to the rest of the family at the moment.

I realised I left some documents on a computer I sometimes use in the local college which I needed to share but now I can’t retrieve them because my workplace is now asking staff only to work in their base college (my base is sadly not the nearest college) and because I feel so grim I cannot remember what I wrote. My meetings for the next two weeks have been cancelled. So when my brain starts working properly again I’ve got some catching up.

I started a new distance learning course and I passed my first unit. The course is in information, advice or guidance (yes, that’s the title). I speculatively applied and was invited to start immediately. It’s a level 2 accredited course – and it’s free! I was also supposed to be interviewing for a painting and decorating course this week but it got postponed.

I found out last weekend another one of my poems is going to be displayed in Harmonia at it’s opening ceremony. And my nephew sent me a potato to cheer me up:

Potato Pal

Potato Pal