My fifth week

So, it looks like my library contract will be extended. This feels nice to know especially as I decided to hand in my notice on my other job (you know, the one that pays more and has more security?). I’m in a weird inbetween place at the moment. I don’t feel like doing much. I’m not even feeling enthusiastic about returning to Brighton – which is completely alien. I’m always enthusiastic about Brighton.

I was going to spend my winnings on a rocking chair (woo!) but instead I bought a cannister of oxygen for an ill relative. And honestly, that feels like it just sums up everything… plans change.

My first week

My first week working in Augustine House library has been very enjoyable, and tiring. I knew I had become more unhealthy due to the fact I hardly ever leave my flat. But doing a physical job has shown me just how much! Hopefully the next few weeks will get me a little bit fitter before the September rush.

Working with a team has been so good for my mental health. My partner has noticed a change in me also. I have to admit my stress levels have felt much less. I have lots of great supportive folk around me, and that feels pretty awesome. My library job is only for three months but I’m thinking about returning to working in higher education permanently.

I’ve got to a point where I’m wondering what next year will bring me. I am due to finish my Masters in spring, and my other job ends in June. I had considered returning to Brighton to study but I feel like I’ve finally got to the point where I’m beginning to settle into my life in Kent (about time too!!!). I have been looking at the Centre for Practice Based Research in the Arts again.

About my internship at Stand Alone

My name is Nina and I am a MA Inclusive Arts Practice (2022) student. This summer I have been interning for a company called Stand Alone, who support estranged people. I have a part-time job in Kent, and after I completed my module this academic year I decided I wanted to use my day off to undertake an internship…

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I came back from holiday yesterday. I was visiting my family in Yorkshire. I rented a campervan and was away from work for a week. I feel adequately refreshed and found out I had been offered a part-time job in Augustine House library from next month. I got the marks back from my research project plan, I got a pass with merit. I am not surprised because I knew my structure was complicated so I figured I’d get a pass.

I had my second COVID vaccine today, and I’m a little sore.

My To-Do list isn’t looking too bad right now, most things are waiting on someone else. So I actually have tomorrow to try out Teastones. I’m excited.