Twenty weeks until my birthday. Or New Years Day if you’d rather celebrate that.

Here’s how I’m doing with my resolutions:

  • More blogging (I’m taking part in EdublogsClub) success
  • Applying for jobs in museums done, but no interviews
  • Completing (if all goes well) my PGCert in Inclusive Arts Practice!!! deferred to next year
  • More weekend trips to the westcountry done, in a way…
  • Saving up to take my partner on a really special holiday in November no chance
  • Potentially standing for election again I stood, then withdrew

I am tempted to stand for part-time rep in the autumn elections (after all, I’ve only been going on about it for years). We’ll see what happens…

In the meantime, more resolutions for me:

  • Get a job
  • Save money
  • Find a place to live long-term (mezzanine floor preferred)
  • Have a holiday
  • See family more often
  • Find a GP who I feel comfortable talking to
  • Write more
  • Grow pear trees

Is it my body?

I’ve been reading Is It My Body? on and off for a while. It was a birthday present to me from K (thanks, always). The book is difficult for me to read, I look at a paragraph and then my mind goes off. Thinking about projects, and people. It feels more personal that a lot of things I read. There is interpretation, but it seems less analytical and more experiential. I like this type of writing. It’s like talking to a friend.

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I was trying to describe the idea of Myers Briggs to a friend. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember the name, but after a bit of searching I found I explained that I’ve done the test numerous times over my life and I always end up as INFJ or INFP (depending on anxiety/depression).

I prefer being INFJ as that feels like my natural state. Plus, I think it’s a bit rarer so it makes me feel special. So I am aware I might be persuading myself to answer certain ways. Yesterday I did the test and ended up as INFP.

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