Hello. I’m Nina. An MA Inclusive Arts student and a former staff member (I worked for a few years in the Alumni office). I now spend most of my time in East Kent.

I completed a PGCert in Inclusive Arts Practice in 2019, but decided to return after a brief hiatus to continue with my Masters.

Higher Education is a sector I feel hugely passionate about. As a young person, university was seen as something the likes of me did not do. And when I finally arrived in Brighton the culture shock was immense (especially after deferring a year when my course did not run due to low numbers). I never felt happy as an undergraduate, but luckily the support in University of Brighton gave me the confidence to apply for a post-graduate course! It was a bumpy ride to say the least but it shaped me into a person that I like.

Outside my university/college life, I like digital technology (especially when it is used alongside art and/or learning), going to museums, café culture, playing Minecraft, spending time in Folkestone’s Creative Quarter, writing poetry/prose, visiting charity shops and second-hand stores.

You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties.