July 10


This week I’ve been dealing with some sort of infection that has caused my lymph nodes to swell and a couple of cases of fainting. I’m waiting to see my GP next Monday. I’m hoping that I’ll feel better by Friday, though, because I have a job interview.

July 5


I had been wanting a pair of Toms for a while, but I just never got around to buying any. I was sorting through my clothes and books today (ready for my move tomorrow – eek!) and as I was carrying a bag of rags into town I spotted a pair in ALALA‘s window. I couldn’t believe my luck. Rose gold and size 37. Perfect.

I waited twenty minutes for the shop to open because I thought someone else might snap them up. When I went inside I couldn’t see a price tag. I have a habit of picking up things without price tags, and I always feel bad about it because it happens so often that I probably look a bit dodgy.

The lovely lady behind the counter said they were a fiver. Bargain.

ALALA is on Baker Street, near the Level and just off London Road.

July 3


Four or five
Breeze carrying mutters inside
Rectangles shifting against the magnolia
Like presentation slides

Why stop on the sidewalk
And face the window?
Bike lights bright
Spokes ticking
Chain tittering

Knocks follow
Arms move like a crane
Lifting me back into place
Whispers tell me it’s OK
It’s not