Just what I needed

I decided to get in contact with the University for the Creative Arts, as I wanted to find out more about their outreach provisions. My new job involves working with outreach teams, and as University for the Creative Arts is spread out over Kent and Surrey I don’t often get to meet my contacts in the university. I decided to introduce myself to the gateway team at Canterbury (as I often work in the building next door to their campus).

So, I ended up meeting a colleague who is the designated contact for the care experienced students at the university. If I’m honest, I was also interested in seeing the facilities because I have always had a fondness for art schools. When I turned up at the university they asked if I’d like a tour and I jumped at the chance! I asked questions about the outreach provision and was hugely impressed with the knowledge of the staff. I mentioned in passing that I wanted to be an art student in my youth but I was sidetracked into work…

… then I felt the sadness I’d been holding back push to the front.

We spoke of my experience and ambitions, particularly surrounding creative education. It felt good to be in a place where I feel inspired, and talk with people about learning. It reminded me that hanging out with like-minded folk and spending time outside an office is good for me.


I woke up this morning to find my bottle of deodorant was empty. It had been running out for a while but I kept forgetting to put it on my shopping list. I had been thinking about going into work today because I really wanted to put up some flyers for a project I am trying to start up. But, as I stood in my bathroom looking at the empty bottle I thought No. Go to town instead. And that’s what I did.

I went to the local discount store and bought myself two! Tisserand deodorants. I had been considering buying them for a while because I love Tisserand essential oils. I put a few drops of Mixed Spice on a hankerchief and put it by my pillow at night as I watch an itsblitzzz video. I also have some diffuser oils; my favourite is one called Frosted Mistletoe which doesn’t appear to be still available. Though, you can get similar items in TK Maxx.

Anyway, I am in scent heaven right now.

Tisserand deodorant

Tisserand deodorant

I looked on the shelf in the store, and knew instantly that I wanted to try tea tree and rosemary. As I picked up the deodorant I saw rose and iris standing behind it. I had a quick sniff and I though well, why not? So now I have one floral-scented armpit and one fresh and herby-scented armpit. I feel like a two course meal.

No you’re crying because you miss your classmates and their end of year show is making you question your move away from arts

I really miss Brighton so much at the moment. I can’t even visit because it is too heart-wrenching.