Student Representation


I found out the Student Union Autumn Elections open in three weeks. I posted an entry on the part-time students’ blog about the vacant positions.

However I also felt the need to write why I frequently post about wanting a part-time/post-grad/international/mature/disabled/BME officer:

HESA stats

This blog is currently administrated by me. I feel really passionately about the above vacant roles
According to the HESA statistics
24% of the student population is part-time
19% of the student population is post-graduate or research students
60% of the student population identify as female
59% of the student population are 21 years old or over
32%-33% of the student population identify as non-white
14% of the student population have declared a disability
21% of the student population are from the EU/international
Even though BSU is more diverse than other university student unions, I still believe certain students are underrepresented at leadership level. I would like to see my student union reflect our student population.
If you would too, feel free to get in touch.



This post is part of EdublogsClub. This week’s prompt is advice for new teachers.

Obviously I’m not a teacher. I have been thinking about becoming one on and off for a decade. However, I have multiple fears that impact my ability to do this role and I have imposter syndrome just from being in academia, so teaching would be my current mindset multiplied by infinity.

Whenever I think about how ill-prepared I am, I always think about how I’d like to teach like Wendy Ashall. I thought Wendy‘s seminars were brilliant. She taught me on my Access to Higher Education course and again on my Award in Education and Training. In the latter she told my group something that stuck with me, and I’ll try to paraphrase her:

In the first year, you write the syllabus and have to adapt it as you go along. In the second year, you tweak it using the feedback and experience from the previous year. In the third year, you feel more comfortable because the course seems to work well. In the fourth year, the course is cancelled so you have to develop a new syllabus.

These words stuck with me because they helped me realise that great teachers are also learning as they go along, and even they have nervous moments and doubts. So it’s OK for me to have them too.

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Bircher recipe


Lately I’ve been making bircher, it’s cheap and gives me a good start to the day. I find it fun to make too. Here’s how I make mine.

bircher step 1


  • An apple
  • Oats
  • Mixed dried fruit / seeds / any extras
  • Plant-based milk alternative


  • Spoon for mixing
  • Grater
  • Tub/cup to put the bircher in – with an air-tight lid
  • Refrigerator

Preparation time

  • Five-ten minutes, however you will need to wait at least two hours before eating

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