The Malagiri School

Yubraj and pupils wearing celebratory costumes

Special festivities recently celebrated by the Malagiri School pupils

The Sonam Loser (New Year) festivities, celebrated by the Tamang people, are said to have originated from Tibet. To mark this special occasion, the teachers and cooks prepared some traditional Khapsi biscuits for all the children. Many of the pupils wore special costumes, bought by their parents, and performed intricate and exquisite dances. This event…

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Staff awaiting their first customers.

Christmas Fund Raising Event

On December 8th, School of Education staff held a Christmas Fair to raise funds for the Malagiri School. A number of talented staff made gorgeous, seasonal crafts –  including beautiful lanterns made by  the design and technology department. A superb range of gifts were also donated for the raffle. Students and staff enjoyed sampling some…

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Tthe children eating lunch

Autumn in Malagiri

Recent news from Malagiri conveys a very positive and settled picture. Now that the colder weather is coming to the village, the daily hot meal is even more important for the children’s health. The menu is generally traditional variations on dhal, rice or freshly made flat bread and vegetables with the occasional addition of meat…

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two children next to a happy children's day sign

Happy Children’s Day

The new academic year has started happily at Malagiri school. This year has seen an increased intake of younger children bringing the number enrolled to 71. There is now a playgroup for the youngest who will progress to the nursery next year. For the first three months the nursery teacher will have a support assistant…

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sheep in a field

Sponsored walk raises almost £400

University of Brighton students and a staff member raised an amazing £385 for the Malagiri School. Primary teaching students Holly (left in photo) and Ashleigh (right in photo) were joined by Principal Lecturer Pippa Totraku and her daughter Daisy. Their walk took them from Falmer, Brighton to The Juggs pub in Lewes and back again…

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the children running

Happy days in Malagiri

The rainy season has started in Malagiri – this is of course very important for farming. Thankfully there are also dry times and the children can enjoy sports. There are not many level spaces in Malagiri and so the school playground is a wonderful resource. For the new young children there is always plenty of…

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Exciting News

After two years of Covid travel restrictions, during which time no westerners could visit Malagiri, at last travellers arrived at the school and what a welcome they had with great celebrations. The Malagiri community and the school looked joyful and full of colour, music played, staff and children danced as you can see in our…

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children outside the school

Warm sunny weather and new tracksuits!

Since the long spell of cold wet weather in Nepal has gone everyone is feeling positive and enthusiastic. At this time of year the national flower of Nepal blooms on the Malagiri hillsides and the warm sunny weather is perfect for enjoying their beauty. The children have been given new tracksuits to wear for school…

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child eating a banana

Malagiri February update

We’re delighted to bring you an update of all the latest Malagiri School news – so much has happened over the last few months. You can also download the information on this page as a pdf. South Downs Walk August 2021 Kevin Fossey’s daughter, Michelle and her son Benji walked the entire length of the…

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a winter view of the downs

1,600 miles for Malagiri!

Throughout 2021 Lorraine Harrison, School of Malagiri committee member, has been keeping fit and raising funds in a walking challenge. Over the 12 months Lorraine walked 1,605 miles and donated £258 to support the Malagiri School. Lorraine said: “I have been amazed at how the seasons affect the landscape and have marvelled at the beautiful…

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