The Malagiri School



These updates were originally posted by Kevin Fossey, who originally set up the university’s charity to support the creation of The Malagiri School.

Since his retirement and sad passing in 2016 updates have come from friends, colleagues and students who have visited the school.

For more recent stories please visit the latest news section.

Aug 2007 – Meeting the people of Malagiri for the first time

Sep 2008 – Our friend and Tibetan monk Pema Dorjee, speaks at the University of Brighton

December 2008 – School for Malagiri becomes charity of choice for School of Education Centenary Celebrations

February 2009 – Foundations are laid and fundraising is organised

August 2009 – A School for Malagiri becomes a recognised charity in both Nepal and the UK

January 2010 – School of Education Students visit Malagiri

February 2010 – Fundraising – where’s the money coming from?

April 2010 – THE SHOW spectacular

May 2010 – Janet Clemence and Beth Callingham

July 2010 – The graduation ceremony

November 2010 – Meeting with the Dalai Lama in India

November 2010 – Appointing the head and deputy head teachers

April 2011 – A School for Malagiri opening

March 2012 – Student work placements and the future of the school

October 2012 – Karma Lama in Sweden to run the Stockholm Marathon

January 2013 – A Visit to Malagiri – January 31st 2013

March 2013 – More exciting fund raising events

April 2014 – January 2014 visit report

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