The Malagiri School


About The Malagiri School

The School for Malagiri charity was set up by Kevin Fossey, a senior lecturer at the University of Brighton’s School of Education, in 2007 to raise funds to build a school for children aged three to eight in a remote area of Nepal.

In 2011, after four years of fundraising, the school was opened and it now educates around 60 children in brightly coloured and well-resourced classrooms.

Much loved Kevin sadly passed away in June 2016 but his friends, family, former colleagues and students continue to support the project with fundraising initiatives to secure the more than £15,000 we need to raise each year to maintain the school and cover all running costs.

We believe all children should have a right to an education.home page picture

Many people in Malagiri live in conditions of extreme poverty. Their homes are extremely basic, constructed of rough-hewn wood with no glazing in the windows and there is no electricity supply. The villagers grow crops and keep animals, selling any excess produce to buy essentials such as clothing, winter supplies and medicine.

Prior to the charity being launched many children under the age of eight were missing out on an education as the local government school was a strenuos two-hour walk away.

Education makes a huge difference to people’s lives – it can provide a way out of poverty and lead to a brighter future.

Find out how you can make a difference.

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