A bit about us

ERimNN is a developing  collaborative network of  educators & researchers,  health care professionals, public health  workers, teachers, farmers and food producers working

  • to support the development of curricula for health care professionals by supporting the development of evidence-based information and teaching materials that  improve managed nutritional care in health,
  • to embed sound nutrition principles in food production (catering),
  • to support primary, secondary and tertiary education to increase  knowledge and skills related to food purchase, preparation and consumption,
  • to understand the issues related to food poverty and food insecurity and
  • to work towards an understanding of sustainable food production for a healthier future.

Nutrition-related risk factors are a leading cause of premature death and disability, much of which could be preventable. Despite robust and growing evidence, the role of food in maintaining health and disease management is often overlooked within medical practice and medical education.

ERiMNN is working in partnership with the UK and global organisations such as NNedPro , Nutritank and Culinary Medicine UK to share ideas and contacts to widen the conversation around food within healthcare.