Brighton and Sussex Medical School Nutrition guides for Core Drugs and Clinical Conditions

The ‘Core drug nutrition and lifestyle guides’ are designed to provide medical students with a comprehensive guide to non-pharmacological interventions (such as dietary changes) where relevant. For example, reducing cardiovascular risk, dietary measures to reduce blood glucose or identifying and treating disease-related malnutrition. This also includes common drug-nutrient interactions.  

Each of these guides are linked to the Brighton and Sussex Medical School curriculum. for each module students are provided with a core drug list, which they are expected to learn. These guides help students to build on pharmacological knowledge to understand where nutrition and other lifestyle interventions are relevant to clinical care. This supports clinical reasoning and decision-making around pharmacological and lifestyle interventions. This also supports safe and effective prescribing and where relevant reducing polypharmacy. 

The guides below also include a ‘patient resources’ section, with information that can be provided directly to patients and key references to support student learning  

BSMS Year 1 Nutrition Guide for Core Drugs




BSMS Year 2 Nutrition Guide for Core Drugs




BSMS Phase 2 Nutrition Guide for Core Conditions

BSMS Nutrition Guide Cardiology

BSMS Nutrition Guide Critical care

BSMS Nutrition Guide Older adults

BSMS Nutrition Guide Gastroenterology

BSMS Nutrition Guide Psychiatry and Neuroscience

BSMS Nutrition Guide diabetes

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