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Portfolio Format

Discussing the best way to format and present content for my personal portfolio:

  • Using imagery
  • Thinking about the context of the image
  • The styling of the image
  • Lighting
  • Narratives of the images

For inspiration I used social media to focus on the types of creatives I follow and what work I am most influenced by. By looking at my instagram following, I noticed a strong correlation between photographers and narratives; as my personal preference consists of photographers of a younger age and that capture the more social aspects of life. I believe this is because I find the work more relatable and therefore more inspiring and motivating to follow. Some example of accounts I follow are:

  • longstonamadi
  • shotsbytia
  • kanelayland
  • lydiatransparent

The key aspects from the talk highlighted the importance of target marketing, really focusing on the audience you are trying to impress with your work. The may mean altering my portfolio each time, dependent on the company or person I am wanting to work for. For the future, I now have a deeper understanding of the importance of producing a vast amount of experimental work, in order to broaden the opportunities we can access.

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