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Talk with Photography and Styling student Andreas

Currently working for REISS, Andreas works under high pressure, fast pace conditions; shooting thirty to forty looks a day due to a 30% to 40% increase in products resulting in an increase in the production chain. An operational timetable is used in order to structure shoot days and organise specific models, photographers, hair stylists, make up artists and stylists.

At the end of the day a contact sheet will be created, consisting of the chosen images selected from the shoots taken that day. Once they are finished the retouchers are sent a list of codes for the images that have been retouched in order to ensure that the images are ready to go online. Now bought out by NEXT the platform of REISS has been changed, which has slowed down the process and increased the turnover time from a few hours to three to four days.

During the talk with former student, Andreas spoke on a lot of information about how the industry and fast work pace has affected his own personal life and work. He elaborated on the information, expressing that at times it was extremely hard and difficult to keep up with. As a person, Andreas seems highly organised and seems to be thriving under these intense work conditions which I think at lot of people would struggle with.

Upon reflection and moving forward with what I would like to do in the future I feel that Andreas was extremely helpful in giving a realistic insight into what it is like to work for such as a big name like REISS. For the forth coming future Andreas’s talk has helped me reconsider the job roles I would be willing to do within the industry and I now plan to really enhance my strengths in order to use them to my advantage.

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