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Time Management

Through out all of my university projects, I have always struggled with designating time to each of my projects, often making my work process rather chaotic due to an influx of pressure and work load I put on myself. Naturally I’m a perfectionist and this results in my time being taken up by sketchbook layouts and mood boards. I found speaking to my peers extremely useful and managed to ask them about methods they use and things that could help me speed up my research process in order to focus my time on the practical element of the project. Through speaking to my peer Lara Coassin, she advised a time calendar, much like a ghant chart but physical, as well writing down my tasks at the start of the day in order to check them off like a ‘To Do’ list. Being a visual learner, I found this method extremely helpful and found it a lot easier to complete my tasks after visualising how I am to structure my day. Figure 1, 2 and 3 are examples of how I have been writing down my days, keeping track of deadlines and balancing university projects with personal work.

Fig 1: A Calendar for deadlines, shoots and important events.
Fig 2: Both my personal Diary and my date Calendar.
Fig 3: My personal Diary consisting of a weekly planner to help structure my days.
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