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Creative CV

Thinking about the aspects of a cv that represent you as a brand, with the key focus on; keeping it consistent, making it attractive to the employer and maintaining simplicity.

Focusing on colour and photography style, purposefully selected work that replicated my style of photography: simple editorials with strong use of coloured lighting and candid film photography. I find myself being attracted to a Parisian style of street photography with a clear narrative and editorials that are minimalistic and emotive; enhanced by good lighting. The colours selected are cohesive yet a blend of bold and neutral. It illustrates the style I wish to portray in my Final Major Project with a an atmospheric collective outcome.

Creative CV Experimentation, Final outcome as a scan.
The making process, using glue, scissors and A3 paper.
The making process, using glue, scissors and A3 paper.
Final outcome, consisting of simplistic imagery and bold colours.
Photography that best replicates film photography, similar to my work.
Selected facial imager, emotive and a neutral colour palette.
Example of a good use of lighting and block colours to illustrate my style of zine layout.
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