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The eLearning team, and other colleagues from Information Services have been busy for the first half of December, running our first mini-MOOC called the 12 Apps of Christmas. The original idea of this programme was started at Regent’s University London in 2014, where our own LTA, Fiona MacNeill, was a facilitator on their course.  Regent’s won an award for their course last year.

Regent’s kindly asked if any of the LTAs from Brighton would like to help out again THIS year, for the 2015 course.  And we were honoured, however several of us in the eLearning team realised that our own Brightonian colleagues would get more out of a 12 Apps programme if we ran our own version in-house.  So, we ended up collaborating with Regents and several other Universities across the UK and Ireland, but all six institutions ran their own separate programmes.

Our own instance of the 12 Apps of Christmas ran from December 1st though the 16th (we didn’t run the programme over the two intervening weekends.  Although the mini-MOOC is now over, the blog will live on.  So, if you didn’t get a chance to enjoy participating during early part of December, you can always dip in and out at your leisure.

If you’d like to see a summation of the event, we’ve prepared a Storify digital record of the programme that can be found here: #12brightapps-story

If you’re interested in trying out some of the apps and their accompanying exercises, you can go to the #12brightapps-blog or, you could even just pick and choose, by clicking on an app below.

App 1 – Skitch App 2 – Nearpod App 3 – RefME
App 4 – Timer + App 5 – iMovie App 6 – Fuse
App 7 – SharePlus App 8 – Periscope App 9 – Photoshop Express
App 10 – IF App 11 – MS Office App 12 – Explain Everything

We also prepared two app demonstrations for people who perhaps weren’t part of the University of Brighton, but were still participating in our programme.  Actionbound and Hopscotch.

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