Tii News: January 2016

Nationwide service disruption caused by external issues: Friday, 22nd of January from 13:43 and 16:35
The TurnitinUK service was unavailable between 13:43 and 16:35 on Friday 22nd of January, stabilising at 16:35. It was officially confirmed that service was restored at 20:02.

Academic Standards advised that students who had submission deadlines scheduled for Friday, 22nd of January 2016, who were not able to submit work on 22/01/16, should not be penalized if their submission was received by 5pm on Monday, 25th of January 2016. Both students and Schools were notified of this.

Service Disruption: Saturday, 9th of January (PM) to Sunday, 10th of January (AM)
TurnitinUK and North America were affected by a disruption in service between the afternoon of Saturday, 9th of January and the early morning of Sunday, 10th of January (7:15am GMT). The IS Service Desk received reports from a small number of University of Brighton users who encountered access issues during this period.

I have been working in the Educational Technology field within Higher Education for eleven years. A big part of my job is finding new and innovative ways of integrating technology into current teaching and learning methodology. This can include assisting academic staff with Virtual Learning Environments/Learning Management Systems (Blackboard), implementing specific software packages, maximising current technologies and championing new ones. I find this profession both riveting and rewarding. I really enjoy life on the cutting edge, but I also enjoy being able to help staff achieve small and meaningful efficiencies; sometimes that makes all the difference.

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