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Plug, Recap and Re-blog: inc. 5 days, 5 campuses

Plug First of all, a quick plug for our short online course, 5 days, 5 campuses which is starting up next week (18-22nd April) and is designed to give you some new ideas to engage students in their learning. Each

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Positive Nearpod Evaluation Outcome!

We are pleased to announce the continued support for Nearpod in 2015/16 During 2014/15 the eLearning team have been conducting a pilot of a mobile enabled presentation and interaction tool called Nearpod. We had 9 pilots running in a number

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New Page: Build your own App Swap Breakfast Event

This is a quick post to let you know that I have added a page about how to setup your own App Swap event. Essentially to page gives an overview of logistical considerations and tips to help your event to

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Technology, Entertainment, Design: TEDx Houses of Parliament 2013

Technology, Entertainment, Design – TED –  “riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world”. If you’ve never seen a TED Talk, start with Hans Rosling (who makes ‘data sing’)  or Sir Ken Robinson. TEDx events are inspired by, but

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#appswap app of the month – June 2016 – coming soon

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