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Pop Up Lab – Sharing, Mirroring, Capturing and Reflect[or]ing

The eLearning team hosted its first Pop Up Lab in the Aldrich Library in August. Part of the library is closed for refurbishment. Students have told us that they need more space in the library and the work being undertaken

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Positive Nearpod Evaluation Outcome!

We are pleased to announce the continued support for Nearpod in 2015/16 During 2014/15 the eLearning team have been conducting a pilot of a mobile enabled presentation and interaction tool called Nearpod. We had 9 pilots running in a number

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Location based mobile learning activity? – pilot volunteers

Information Services have recently purchased a year’s license for an online tool that enables users to create a mobile game or event based around location and utilising users mobile phone GPS. The tool could be used for location based learning

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#appswap app of the month – June 2016 – coming soon

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