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Tii News: May & March 2015

Post Date Adjustment on Anonymous Submissions 28th May: An issue arose which affects anonymous submissions. If the post date on an anonymous submission point is changed to be closer to the current date and the current time then there is

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Negative Marking studentcentral Tests

If you build Tests in studentcentral, then it’s now possible to enable negative marking for questions in order to discourage students guessing. Negative marking works by deducting points for incorrect answers. Watch this short video from Blackboard to see how

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Grade presentations instantly with Turnitin

What? With Turnitin now accepting powerpoint file submissions, it is possible to grade student presentations as they happen. Why? This offers some real benefits: Reduces marking time (all marking completed within presentation slot) Opportunity to offer quick feedback to students

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Pin Code for Turnitin App

Turnitin have announced an update to their iPad app. They have added a mandatory pin code entry for the app to help secure sensitive student data and protect grades and submissions. After updating the app on your iPad, you’ll be

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#appswap app of the month – June 2016 – coming soon

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