Grade presentations instantly with Turnitin


With Turnitin now accepting powerpoint file submissions, it is possible to grade student presentations as they happen.


This offers some real benefits:

  • Reduces marking time (all marking completed within presentation slot)
  • Opportunity to offer quick feedback to students – this could be posted at the end of the day?
  • Copy of students work is stored in Turnitin – if there are any issues with students accessing work on the day (e.g. flash drive issues/loss of work) student can still access a copy to present.


The process is relatively straightforward:

1) Create a Turnitin submission point for students to upload their powerpoint/presentation document

2) Create a QuickMark set for marking presentations – this could be a standardised set for your school, or  a personal set.

3) Students submit the presentation to Turnitin by the deadline

4) Students then present as normal on a scheduled date. The lecturer accesses the turnitin submission and marks whilst viewing the presentation (via laptop/PC/iPad). The slides can be annotated using QuickMarks, with the opportunity for written feedback in the Text Comment section (and/or a three minute audio comment).

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 13.49.43

Ultimately lecturing staff can make full use of each presentation slot, reducing the need to complete any assessment paperwork outside of this time. Feedback can also be clearer and delivered quickly to students.

Further Support

Speak to your Learning Technology Advisor for more help

Or check the Turnitin blog or Turnitin Help Centre for additional guidance


This post has been adapted from the Turnitin blog posting ‘Evaluating Live Presentations’ by Turnitin (2014)

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