Technology, Entertainment, Design: TEDx Houses of Parliament 2013

Technology, Entertainment, Design – TED –  “riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world”.

If you’ve never seen a TED Talk, start with Hans Rosling (who makes ‘data sing’)  or Sir Ken Robinson.

TEDx events are inspired by, but independent of, TED, run as not-for-profit franchises and embrace the ethos of TED talks: ‘ideas worth spreading’.

TEDx Houses of Parliament was held in London on the 14th June 2013; its themes were representation and democracy.

Amongst the speakers were David Puttnam, Baroness Scotland, Suli Breaks and Alastair Macartney, a global adventurer who leads a team of human flight specialists.  All the presentations from the day are now available here.

I am part of the Learning Team and am based at the Eastbourne campus

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