Your Eco Home Event

Saturday 16th October 10:00-13:05

Recordings from the event are now available below.

The Eco Home Event is a free online event that aims to inform and invite discussion on how we can live more sustainably and move towards carbon neutral. The event explores three important topics, with a focus on services, opportunities and initiatives local to Eastbourne and Seaford:

  1. Suggestions for building in the age of emergencies
  2. How to save energy (and resources) in your home
  3. Renewable energy: How and where to start

This event will highlight a range of steps you can take, anything from whole house insulation and generating renewable energy to switching to LED lightbulbs. It doesn’t have to cost the earth to make a difference.

At the online event on Saturday 16th October, we’ll have panels of experts and local residents, answering questions about eco features, or their experiences of using them in their own homes.

Through this website, we will share videos and information about green technologies and local initiatives. You can watch the videos before the live event so that you are ready to ask questions. Find out more below.

Session 1: Building in the age of emergencies

In the first of our three sessions, we will explore how building and construction is responding to the climate emergencies and carbon neutral targets. Find out about:

  • sustainable building;
  • new social housing and retrofits;
  • how the climate emergency is affecting local planning policies and regulations;
  • new retrofit training opportunities and new mandatory qualifications needed for work on public sector building projects;
  • how the improvements in public sector should improve the building industry standards generally.

Program 10:00-10:50

  • 10:00 Introduction to the event and resources
  • 10:10 Keynote presentation: How to Design in the age of emergencies Duncan Baker Brown
  • 10:30 Q & A with panellists: Tondra Thom (chair), Duncan Baker Brown, Councillor Jim Murray, Dick Shone

to find out about local planning, building and retrofitting, modular housebuilding and retrofit training.

Session 2: How to save energy in your home

In the second session we will explore steps we can take to reduce the amount of fossil fuel energy we use in our home, reduce the number of new products and materials we buy for our home, reduce how much we waste and save money!

Program 11:00-12:00

  • 11:00 The Eastbourne and Seaford story: suggestions, local schemes and activities for saving energy, resources and money – Andrew Durling, Gemma McFarlane and Jill Shacklock
  • 11:30 Q & A with panellists: Steve Marshall, LED UK, Gemma McFarlane, Andrew Durling, Rachel Fryer
  • 11:45 Online energy saving game. Make a team with your family or housemates.

to find out about LED lighting solutions, home insulation, ventilation, repair cafés, sharing libraries, local recycling and waste management. See our home owner videos.

Session 3: Renewable Energy

In our final session we will explore community energy schemes and options for renewable energy including solar panels, solar thermal, ground source and air source heat pumps.

Program 12:15-13:05

  • 12:15 Introduction to the resources
  • 12:20 Renewable heat energy in your home: what are the options – Olly Healey, Ohm Energy
  • 12:30 Community Energy Schemes – Chris Rowland, Ovesco
  • 12:45 Q & A with panellists: Chris Rowland, Olly Healey, Rachel Fryer, Becky and Roy Francombe.

to find out about switching energy suppliers, generating your own energy with solar panels, air and ground source heat pumps. See our home owner videos.

If you’d like to ask our panel a question, we recommend you look at the relevant resources on these web pages first. You can ask your question at the live event, or you can send us your question in advance using the link below.

Let’s pledge to

Reduce the amount of fossil fuel energy we use in our homes

icon showing factory burning gas

Reduce our consumption of resources and new products

supermarket trolley overflowing with items

Reduce how much we waste

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Recordings from the event

The Online event was held on Saturday October 16th from 10:00 – 13:05. The event was organised into three sessions as described above. Recordings from the event are being added here:

Session 1: Building in the age of emeregencies

How to save energy and resources in your home

Session 3: Renewable Energy

This event has been organised on behalf of Eastbourne Eco Action Network, Seaford Environmental Alliance and Eastbourne Borough and Lewes District Councils.