Pick your pledges

PledgeStart nowStart in the next twelve months
Learn more about retrofitting – free course from Low Carbon Trust
Check the efficiency of my light bulbs – LED advice
Spend less time in the shower
Turn the central heating thermostat down by 1 degree
Put thermostats on my radiators
Put tinfoil reflectors behind my radiators
Close curtains before it gets dark
Fit heavy curtains over back/front door
Make draught excluders for doors
Add draught proofing on windows and doors
Fit secondary glazing (see cost effective diy solution)
Fit loft insulation – information on insulation
Add insulation to sold floors – insulating concrete floors
Visit a repair café
Talk to others in your community about setting up a repair café near you
Stop buying vegetable in plastic packaging
Find out where the water Refill stations are near you
Join a litter picking party
Adopt a beach
Check what types of plastic your council can recycle
Get an energy monitor to check your energy usage
Start composting in your garden, or find out where the nearest community compost to you is
Start composting kitchen waste (e.g. Bokashi bins)
Investigate renewable energy solutions for your home

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