Switching to a green electricity supplier

If you’d like to reduce your carbon footprint, but are not in a position to install renewable energy in your home, one option is to switch to a green energy supplier. A ‘green’ energy supplier may have a range of environmental and ethical policies, such as:

  • supplying electricity that is 100% renewable,
  • supplying green gas
  • paying all employees a living wage
  • supporting environmental policies
  • charitable donations

It’s worth doing some research and comparing what they offer.

Switching to a green energy supplier does not guarantee that the electricity you receive is generated from a renewable source. It is more likely to mean that the company you buy your electricity from is supplying renewable energy to the grid ,or buys renewable energy from a third party. For most green energy companies, only a percentage of the energy they supply to the grid is renewable

Energy companies that have their own renewable energy generators producing 100% of their electricity include:

  • Good Energy
  • Ecotricity

Both these companies have been recommended to us by customers. Ecotricity is also a partner to the Eastbourne Eco Action Network (EEAN). Find out how switching to Ecotricity can support our effort to turn the Eastbourne area carbon neutral.

Note that switching to a greener energy company probably won’t save you money. Ethical policies such as paying a living wage and using only renewable can lead to higher prices. But check out prices and check out their green credentials, you may feel it is worth the extra.

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