How to save energy and resources in your home

In the second of our three sessions, we will explore steps we can take to:

  • reduce the amount of fossil fuel energy we use in our homes 
  • reduce the number of new products and materials we buy for our homes
  • reduce how much we waste
  • and reduce how much we spend

Session recording

See below for the resources referred to in the recording:

Program 11:00 – 12:00

  • 11:00 The Eastbourne and Seaford story: suggestions, local schemes and activities for saving energy, resources and money – Andrew Durling, Gemma McFarlane and Jill Shacklock
  • 11:30 Q & A with panellists: Steve Marshall, LED UK, Gemma McFarlane, Andrew Durling, Rachel Fryer
  • 11:45 Online energy saving game. Make a team with your family or housemates.

If you’d like to ask our panel a question, we recommend you look at the relevant resources below first. You can ask your question at the live event, or you can send us your question in advance using the link below.


Before the event, you can view the following resources :

Resources from other sources

Your Q & A panel

  • Steve Marshall: LED UK
  • Gemma McFarlane: Seaford Environmental Alliance
  • Andrew Durling: Eastbourne Eco Action Network
  • Rachel Fryer: Resident (Whole house insulation, air tightness measure and MVHR)