Case study: Becky and Roy

Eco features: Air source heat pump + Solar PV

Becky and Roy in their garden with rows of vegetables behind

Becky and Roy live in a three bedroomed house in Seaford.

They are keen to reduce their carbon footprint as well as local air pollution. In June 2021, they installed solar panels on their roof and replaced their gas boiler with an air source heat pump.

The solar panels

  • The Kit: 24 photovoltaic panels (Trina Solar Co. 340W Mono Solar Panels)
  • The total cost: £8,463.90 + 5% VAT (includes all fixtures and fitting)
  • Suppliers/fitters: OHM Energy, Eastbourne
  • Outcomes: 2251.93 KWh of electricity generated since installation.

Watch the video below to find out more:

Roy smiling and holding his smart meter display
Energy use display shows energy being sent back to the grid.

The Air Source Heat pump

  • The Kit: Mitsubishi Ecodan Ultra Quiet W850 (8.5kW) HP  air source heat pump plus tank?
  • The total cost: £11,954 plus VAT (includes all fixtures and fitting)
    This cost was covered completely by a grant from Zero Carbon Heating Trial.
  • Suppliers/fitters: OHM Energy, Eastbourne
  • Outcomes: The heat pump has replaced their boiler, serving 11 radiators and their hot water requirements.

Watch the video to find out more: