Studying Digital Music and Sound Arts engages students with practice-based research where practice drives theory and theory enhances practice. Through staff related research,  assessed critical writing and guest lectures the students become actively and critically engaged in ideas, concepts and artists relevant to their own interests and sensibilities. Many of our students become interested in pursuing further studies and research in their chosen field. DMSA Alumni are currently holding relevant academic and research positions in Academic Institutions in the UK and Europe. The course is strongly related to the Creative Sound and Music Research and Enteriprise Group of the School of Media and the students participate in student-staff collaborative research and community-facing work.


A Sound Collection

A Sound Collection is a series of electronic issues dedicated to student research  and essays.  The aim of this resource is to demonstrate the breadth of insterests and explorations led by our students and to offer a platform for publishing and sharing of ideas. All materias presented here are courtesy of the students. Each issue will be focusing on a particular student and topic. Click here to read more.

Staff Research Interests
Guest lecturers

Ed Chivers (2023)
John Wynne (2023)
Kelly Snook (2023)
Simon Pyke (2022)
Elizabeth Bernholz aka Gazelle Twin (2022)
Jeph Vanger (2022)
Paul Purgas (2022)
Francesc Moya Serra (2022)
Jo Hutton (2021)
Jeph Vanger (2021)
Aki Purser (2020)
Teri Rueb (2019)
Hannah Kemp Welch (2019)
Navid Asghari (2019)
Aja Ireland (2019)
Caleb Madden (2019)
Lawrence Owen (2018)
Joseph Higgins aka Metrist (2018)
Alan Myson aka Ital Tek (2018)
Guoda Dirzyte (2018)
Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner (2018)
Peter Cusack (2018)
Ingrid Plum (2017)
Puncture Kit (2017)
AGF Spirit (2017) | video
Joshua Kopecek (2018)
Robert Thomas (2017)
John Sampson (aka CJMirra), Colour8 Records (2017)
Tom Fox, Hackoustic (2017)
Hartmut Warm (2016)
Jon Rose (2016) | video: Pt1 | video: Pt2
Maria Chavez (2016)
Max Eastley (2015)
Semiconductor (2014) | video
David Prior (Liminal)
Kristina Andersen (2013)
Lindstrom (2010)
Blast Theory
Knut Aufermann and Sarah Washington (2005)