DMSA Feature: Josh Bell

We caught up with BA and MA DMSA alumnus Josh Bell who just released his MA Final Project: ‘End of Play EP’ under the name BUL_i.

Three words that describe you as a creative person?

JB: Noisey, Experimental, Visceral

When did you start working with sound and music?

JB: I started playing guitar when I was quite young, this usually involved strumming along to Van Morrison at family events. I probably learnt most of what I know about guitar chords from an Oasis (I know) song book owned by my Dad. Music was very much a communal thing in my family and usually involved some form of singalong.

In what ways has the DMSA course supported or helped you to develop into who you are today creatively and professionally?

JB: DMSA gave me the opportunity to explore sound both theoretically and practically in a more visceral and textural way. I moved away from a practice developed solely dedicated to harmony and rhythm to one that explored noise and textural objects to express ideas as a whole. My massive shift in practice is the use and manipulation of audio especially with samplers which has completely transformed the way I create music.

Can you tell us a few words about ‘END OF PLAY’?

JB: END OF PLAY EP is a Noisey and Passionate scream into the void combining themes of Socialism, Alienation and Desperation into a response of my life and circumstances over the last 2 years during and after the pandemic. It’s primarily an anti-authoritarian piece one that is fearful of the rise of fascism in the west and trying to make sense of our current political climate


What are your plans for the near future?

JB: I have submitted my work to a few small festivals and gigs and am attempting to get it promoted on the radio. I also am starting work as a technician at an audio rental warehouse.

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You can catch Josh live at Altered Images Festival