DMSA is interested in exploring the posibilities across sound, space, materials, bodies, senses, new media, technologies and the environment. Through staff related research,  assessed critical writing and guest lectures the students become actively engaged in practice-based research and the importance of thinking critically about their work. Many of our students become interested in pursuing further studies and research in their chosen field. DMSA Alumni are currently holding relevant academic and research positions in Academic Institutions in the UK and Europe. Click on Staff names to access individual research profiles and to learn more about the breadth of research offered in the course.


Staff Research Interests
Guest lectures

Robert Thomas (2017)
John Sampson (aka CJMirra), Colour8 Records (2017)
Tom Fox, Hackoustic (2017)
Hartmut Warm (2016)
Jon Rose (2016)
Maria Chavez (2016)
Max Eastley (2015)
Semiconductor (2014)
David Prior (Liminal)
Kristina Andersen (2013)
Lindstrom (2010)
Blast Theory
Knut Aufermann and Sarah Washington (2005)