DMSA Features is a series of interviews with our current students and alumni. The features provide an insight to the breadth of interests and backgrounds of our students and give them a platform to share their thoughts about the course and any upcoming activities.

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May 2023: Esme Wright
April 2023: Alex Lewis-Whitaker
March 2023: Joe Gilling
February 2023: Wolfgang Dubieniec
January 2023: VASCHA
December 2022: Hal Kelly
November 2022: Greta Carroll
October 2022: Joshua Bell
September 2022: Anthea Clarke
July 2022: Alfred Isaac
July 2019: Amanda Brooks
April 2019: Fraser Owen
January 2019: Hannah Kemp Welch
November 2018: Alan Myson / Laurence Owen
October 2018: PJ Davy
September 2018: Guoda Dirzyte
June 2018: Aki Purser
March 2018: Jade Gunner
February 2018: Jasmyn Bloch
January 2018: Sloth Operator Radio
December 2017: Louis Sterling
November 2017: Olivia Louvel
October 2017: Jeph Vanger