DMSA Feature: Wolfgang Dubieniec

This month, we catch up with Wolfgang Dubieniec who graduated from DMSA in 2022.


Three words that describe you as a creative person?

 WD: Intuitive, ardent & inspired


When did you start working with sound and music?

WD: As a practitioner I don’t think I started until maybe the end of my teens, but I remember the point where I decided I wanted to make it. I had been jumping on tours taking photos, videos and selling the odd bit of merch when I was around 16 or 17 for bands on the ‘Raygun management’ roster and I definitely remember a turning point where I decided I wanted to be the one making the sound not listening to it night after night.

I think I was given a tiny interface shortly after that and it’s been pretty constant in my life since.


In what ways has the DMSA course supported or helped you to develop into who you are today creatively and professionally?

WD: This is an odd one because I definitely wasn’t expecting to study anything sound related until DMSA. I was always a bit more inclined to go the film route as I love the visual side of things too. I guess that’s where DMSA pushed me as a creative, in giving me the freedom to explore all my creative interests and make me realise I didn’t need to settle on the audio or the visual, I could do both.


Can you tell us a few words about your debut EP from last year ‘You Are Vulnerable In What You Love’?

WD: I think the EP was a real shell breaker for me in terms of getting over any anxieties about people’s expectations of what I make and put out into the world. It came together from having sent a few home demos to a good friend of mine Kristian Bell (‘The Wytches’) and he offered to release the EP for me on a DIY label he was starting up. I’m really thankful for that, it definitely started something up in me.

What are your plans for the near future?

WD: God who knows what will happen! I’ve been writing new songs, some of which are collaborations, and making alot of music videos for projects that arent my own. I think the plans for the year ahead are to bring those two interests closer together with a short film. Though the plan is really just to keep creating. I’m also waiting on some soundtrack work from last year to come to fruition so we’ll see. I think it’s sensible to set an easily achievable goal, because then the rest is all bonus.



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Wolfgang Dubieniec – You Are Vulnerable In What You Love Cassette | Cable Code Records (



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