Stephen Mallinder is an English singer/musician/artist/DJ/writer who was a founding member of renowned Cabaret Voltaire, as well as Sassi and Loco, the Ku-Ling Bros and Hey, Rube! As the writer and producer in Cabaret Voltaire, also lead vocals, bass, percussion, tape recorders and keyboards. He is also a member of Wrangler, Creep Show, Cambell-Mallinder-Benge and works under his own name. Stephen has released more than 40 albums, soundtracks and experimental films. He has run several record labels and the UK’s first independent video label Doublevision and addition Offworld Productions. He an extensive back catalogue and continues to record, remix and live work.

In addition to book chapters and academic publications he is a music writer,  contributing to Electronic Sounds, The Wire and journalist for Australian publications Ministry Magazine, Sunday Times and West Australian – and as a radio presenter and producer for RTRFM.

Research Interests: Sound and Moving Image; Live Electronica; Analogue Technology; Spoken Word; Popular Culture; Sound and Media

PhD Thesis ‘MOVEMENT: Journey of the Beat’ (available):


Academic Journal Articles

• “Sheffield is not sexy,” Nebula, Vol. 4, No. 3, September 2007, ISSN: 14497751

• “Off World Sounds: building collaborative Soundscape”, Prof. T. Brabazon and Dr. S. Mallinder – Journal of Media and Culture, Volume 9 Issue 2, May 2006,

• “Popping the museum: the problems of the popular cultural museum,” Prof. T Brabazon and Dr. S. Mallinder, Museum and Society November, 2006,

· Dealing with Darkness: work, leisure and negotiating the night-time economy”, Prof. T. Brabazon and Dr. S. Mallinder,- Nebula, Vol. 4, No. 3, September 2007, ISSN: 14497751

· “Branding Bohemia: Community Literacy and Developing Difference”, Prof. T. Brabazon and Dr. S. Mallinder – City and Time. Vol.4 No.3 (2010)

· “Sharing Higher Education Learning and Teaching Resources in Art, Design and Media”, D. Flint and S. Mallinder – Art Libraries Journal (Vol. 35 no. 3, 2010):

Book Chapters

· “Straight Connection Back to Dusseldorf City” in Mensch Machinen Musik: Das Gesamtkunstwerk Kraftwerk (Berlin, Leske, C.W., September 2017)

· ‘Live or Memorex- Artists and Producers Perceptions of Changing Music Practices’ in The Digital Evolution of Live Music, (London, Chandos, 2015)

· “Total State Machine’ Test Dept. (PC Press, May 2015)

· “Sounds Incorporated: Dissonant Sorties into Popular Culture” in Resonances: Noise and Music (London, Continuum, 2013)

· “Introduction/Preface” Assimilate: A Critical History of Industrial Music, Alexander Reed, (New York, New York University Press, 2013)

Keynote Talks

– “A.D.E. Gamechangers”: Stephen Mallinder, Giorgoio Moroder, Nile Rodgers. Amsterdam (2013)

– “Kraftwerk Conference” – Opening Address: Music, Modernity & Movement Aston University (2015)

– “A Life in Music” Red Bull Music Academy -Melbourne (2006)

– “Signal to Noise” (1979-83): Music and Technology – Sydney International Festival of the Arts (2010)

– “Noise, Affect Politics” – University of Salford (2010)

– “Producers: Conducers; Prosumers: Changing Music and Media Ecology” – University for the Creative Arts: Stepping Out Music and Media Conference (2014)

– “Sounds Incorporated: Noise and Popular Culture” – University of Lincoln (2014)

– “I Like Dusseldorf and Dusseldorf Like Me” – NWR Forum, Dusseldorf (2015)

– “Looking Out – Effective Engagements with Creative and Cultural Enterprise” – RIBA, London, (2012)

– “Enhance Education: Disciplinary and Institutional Perspectives on Open Educational Practice in Art, Design and Media Studies: Opportunities and Challenges” Queens College, Cambridge, (2012) Conference Paper available:


– Cabaret Voltaire – “Films”: Museum of Modern Art, New York 1985 (See:

– Wrangler – “Peace & Love (Tweet Me Up): Tanks, Tate Modern, London (2012)

– Wrangler (with LoneLady) – “Retreat or Danger: Station to Station”, Barbican Centre, (2015)

Recent Live Events

In addition to pre-pandemic Wrangler, Creep Show and solo tours in UK and Europe:

– “The Unfilmables” in conjunction with BFI, Live Cinema, Brighton Festival (2017)

– “Cotton Panic” Manchester International Festival (2017)

– “North Atlantic Flux”: Hull City of Culture (2017) Wrangler performances

– “Rough Trade 40”: John Grant & Wrangler, Barbican Centre (2016)