Digital Storytelling


The Booth Partnership: Uncovering the Muse (2017)

Banner with items from Booth Collection and a digital overlay of social media dialogue

The purpose of the partnership between Booth/RPM and the University of Brighton was to explore the Booth Museum collections and how they can be utilised by academic researchers in order to make research and the collection more publicly visible.

The project linked to Booth Museum Late events; bringing in multi-disciplinary academic research in the form of talks / workshops / demonstrations.

On the 16th November 2017, the Booth Museum hosted an event ‘Uncovering the Muse’, as part of its MUPI relationship with the University of Brighton. This event brought together academics from across the university, whose brief was to investigate the Booth collection and develop a talk or workshop aimed at the public.

Ross Adamson and Isobel Creed from the university, along with Ray Gibson, Brighton-based freelance photographer specialising in performing arts and events; Christine Heaton, EAL Coordinator, Blatchington Mill School, discussed participative creative media practice and the ways in which they used it to engage with the Booth Museum. We presented our digital stories, collaboratively made, and opened a debate with attendees on the ways in which sharing personal stories might reveal novel ways of engaging with museum exhibits and archives.

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